What is VIBBIDI?

Good day, PHListers! We have good news to share with you! We are teaming up with a streaming platform called VIBBIDI!

What is VIBBIDI? VIBBIDI is a free web-based music streaming that is ABSOLUTELY FREE! No premium subscriptions, nothing to pay, it’s purely free! Right now, they are transitioning from a mobile app, to a strictly web-based platform. The best part about this collab with VIBBIDI is that we are sharing their upcoming new features that will be available within next few months.

Another great thing about VIBBIDI is something unique. It is a fusion of streaming services & a social media platform. While there is AI involved in the platform, there are also user submissions that will make the experience more enjoyable.

Unlike other streaming services where it is audio only, they have music videos, singles, albums, remixes, user-made cover videos, news, and many more stuff that is available on VIBBIDI!

VIBBIDI has a BIG library of content for everyone to enjoy. Whether it be big named acts like BTS, Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift, or very obscure acts, VIBBIDI has it all!

Their most unique feature about VIBBIDI are the written “Narratives”. What are those? It lets you have the freedom to write your opinion about songs in a form of a story, or anything you want! Be as creative as you want to be! You can find some of our narratives at this link (https://www.vibbidi.net/phhitlist#narratives).

If you are not into writing, there are also collections of music called “Themes”. These are like your typical playlist only better! These are based on a mood, genre, time-period or any other style.

This platform also promotes user-generated playlists for everyone to discover music they never discovered before.

In preparation for the launch happening in a few months, VIBBIDI is running a special promotion where VIBBIDI will transfer any music, playlist, and profile details you create from the mobile app to their new web platform. If you are interested, just let us know and we will be contacting VIBBIDI for you to be part of the newest generation music experience.

Staying true to their slogan, “We are Everything for Music” and they truly do have everything for music. If you want to see VIBBIDI in action, visit their website at http://www.vibbidi.net.

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