#SHOPEESCAMDAY2 – How people got scammed on a BLACKPINK Meet & Greet

Shopee has been under fire recently over the fact that they promised seats and autographs for the top 40 spenders, but it turns out some fans were disappointed because the fans were “scammed” despite spending thousands of pesos to see the K-Pop group Blackpink.

They also issued 568 tickets for the Meet & Greet, but some of those tickets were given to influencers like AC Bonifacio, Awra Briguela, and many others.

The online retailer apologized in an official statement stating that the event “fell short of the high standards”.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) launched an investigation to the online retailer and it will be finished in a week.

Ramon Lopez, secretary of the DTI said that Shopee will be penalized if found negligent and fans could get a refund if the platform failed to give everyone what they want.

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